Why do we need led lamps and how can they help the world

LEDs have expanded the rules. With the help of LEDs, you can soon change the future. Since the 1960s, when LED technology first appeared, or LED for short, small LEDs have become part of our daily lives, especially in some flashing electronic parts. In the world, everyone appreciated LEDs for their energy-saving, economical, and design-enhancing features. So much so that we promise to sell more LED lamps and LED lights since 2016. Because who doesn’t like energy-efficient technologies with a lifespan of up to 20 years?

In addition to the 72 different LED luminaires and the 12 types of LED lamps that we already offer, in the future all our luminaires will be based on LEDs. No more halogen. More bad energy-saving lamps as before. No fluorescent tubes. We put all our development and design efforts into LEDs, because we believe that everyone should be able to afford the lighting of the most sustainable light sources at the moment – as a contribution to improving the daily life of the house. Why LEDs? Because they … 

  • they emit 85% less energy than old lamps;
  • they spread a good, even, warm white light;
  • they glow right after they are turned on;
  • they do not heat up – there is no mercury or other toxins;
  • their expected lifespan is 20,000 hours (about 20 years);
  • can be recycled as electronic waste;
  • they, like all light ones, are functional and beautiful.

LED displays. LED displays are a modern indication that can present various information remarkably and quickly. Change information in real time every hour or only once a day. All this is possible thanks to the versatility of this innovative display. With this programming system, well presented simple texts for complex graphic animations are representable. Our standard pallet allows a wide variety of different configurations. For special wishes, we can collect displays specifically for the client’s idea. Our technical service is at your disposal and will help you with pleasure.

Watches. LED watches are available from us in various configurations, such as time with date and / or with temperature indication. LED watches are available on one or two sides. As an option, you can integrate a radio and / or automatic brightness control day / night. The aluminum frame is coated with anthracite, and the mounting angles are included in the package. LED watches are effective flashlights and are gaining popularity. This LED watch is available in red, amber, green, blue and white. Likewise, LED watches are available on one or two sides and can be equipped with time or date and / or temperature. To determine the best configuration for your needs, please contact the nearest technical department who will advise you on the competence. Or see the information in the table. The table will give you the appropriate sizes.

LED text scrolling is an amazing attraction. Text always runs from right to left. By default, they exist as single or double faces with 16 letters in various configurations, as well as with options such as time + date and / or temperature display. Depending on the size of the display, the following can be integrated: a DCF77 radio and / or an automatic dimmer day / night. Mounting angles included. Programming is done using the box or using the PC interface and the Windows program. Due to the variety, these scrollable texts leave a huge variety in display. Ask us which specialties are achievable. Our technical service will be happy to advise you.

What information is displayed by digital billboards.

Associated with billboards or PC timers, the modules display the following:

  • names (participants, horses, boats, etc.)
  • nationality
  • time
  • speed
  • fines and points
  • atmosphere information
  • date and time
  • Images.

A monochrome bitmap in combination with radio transmission systems will allow you to receive: 

  • synchronizing pulses sent by hundreds of electronic displays
  • display information from timers and other similar devices, cameras with cameras from different manufacturers, billboards have 20 pre-programmed, directly user-selectable programs that guarantee a large flexibility of use (see the table of programs). 

You can also memorize messages, labels, images, etc., so that they appear whenever you want (see tables for more details).