Indoor LED displays and billboards. Species, varieties

Indoor LED displays and billboards. Species, varieties.Internal transparent systems for mediating large facades have been specifically designed for continuous use in architecture. They can be used individually or in combination, opening up virtually unlimited possibilities for staging. The unusual width and length of weaving of our architectural fabric allows us to mediate even very large facades.

We sell transparencies from 55% to 65%. The architecture is carefully thought out. LED billboards: LEDs integrated in stainless steel mesh. Here: 5 LEDs / pixel (4) The system is based on a large, high-quality stainless steel cable network. Special profiles are waterproofed with LEDs – LEDs or other LEDs. Image resolution depends on individual quality requirements and presentation costs. Their power and data supply is provided by control units that are integrated into the building structure and networked with a central server at the facility.

Outdoor LED displays and billboards. Species, varieties.Advantages of transparent billboards made of stainless steel mesh. Versions for day and / or night use. Transparent and translucent facade. Unlimited use of the internal space. Aesthetic quality. Functional sun protection. Low power consumption. Resistant to weathering. Minimum maintenance costs. Long service life. High reliability.

Internal transparent systems. Since 2006, we have been inserting high-intensity LED lines into our fabric and transforming them into a transparent media facade with appropriate software. As an architecturally integrated design, the system creates new connections between the respective building and its functions. For the design, degree of innovation and the economy of this technology, we have received many prestigious awards at home and abroad.

Depending on the incident light, the metal fabric acts transparently or opaque and reflects its environment in many aspects. In addition to this attractive look, the stainless steel mesh convinces with its effectiveness as a sunscreen, climate membrane and fall protection. It is resistant to corrosion, vandalism and weather, is non-flammable and requires minimal maintenance.

Outdoor LED displays and billboards.Transparent media facade systems, billboards, pluses and minuses of use that complement this extraordinary aesthetics and functional diversity with an additional aspect. Unlike conventional billboards, they retain the architectural attractiveness of the structure when turned off. Using incremental color gradients or high-resolution content, they visually enhance the facade day and night. Premises for mediation can be used without restrictions. They provide unobstructed visibility, use natural light and are not affected by the game. New LED technologies complement our existing projects, and also marked the beginning of a new generation of our transparent media facades.

The companies offer solutions for dynamic dynamics and environmental protection, LED lamps for indoor lighting. We have many new customers who can offer digital data and service transfer projects: electronics packaging, equipment maintenance and repair, as well as remote communication solution configuration.

LED interior technology for indoor lighting, plus innovative motifs and creative work. This is beneficial for you and other people working in visual form, in the form of dynamic dynamics and brightness, contrasts and a large angle of view. LED commercials presented in countries around the world and in Europe. Scope and flexibility offers a flexible range of LEDs to provide communications and communications support.

LED “Light-emitting diode”, “Diode electroluminescent”. LED. Define the composition of the pixel: for example, select a pixel, use LED backlight, LED backlight, pixel configuration. Plus the pixel pitch is very small, plus a good image. “Screen” is of great importance for the LED indicator 8 mm wide. RESOLUTION. Determination of pixel density per unit surface and pixels per unit. Plus “Great solution,” “Great image.”